The 85th anniversary of the late leader of the Gagausian people

On Sunday 27 of May the President of CEBC Christian Gessl has the honour to be invited to celebrate the 85th anniversary of the late leader of the Gagausian people, national hero, poet, painter, film maker and artists Kara Coban who has led the struggle for keeping Gagauzian folk cuture, language and traditions strong during the Soviet Union and who passed away too early in 1986. DB7025F8 His work and memory is celebrated in Gaguzia and Komrat with a wonderful museum close to Komrat, the capital of Gagauzia, now a region in Moldova. 890ABD99 The Museum is a center celebrating the the painting and rich works of Kara Coban and is telling the history of the Gagauzian people in the last century. ED9B16C4 The Gagauzians are a Turkic people, Christian in religion. speaking Gagauzian, a language close to Turkish, Russian, many speak Moldovian and some English and have their own regional government The website is and it is one of the last unknown border lands of Europe in the south of Moldova close to Romanias Danube Delta and Souther Ukraine metropolis Odessa and is a new tourist destination in the making focused on wine making and Gagauzian history. It can be best reached via Chinsinau Airport or via Galati in Romania. Infrastructure could be better but it is worth a visit one of the lost borderland of Europe now firmly working on a European future.

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