Run, Comrat, Run! – Second Run 26.04.2018

After a long day inside, staring out the window yearning for the sun three aliens in Gagauzia agree to brave the elements once more, this time in an attempt to circle Lacul Comrat like the fearless pioneers we are. Too bad we decided to embark on our expedition at 20:30, which ultimately led to the expedition’s untimely abortion as we stumbled and rattled our way through the darkness back to our starting point. This really is a scenic route, just make sure not to try it at night! Lesson imprinted – I finally understand the concept of life-long learning! Map gagauzia

Anyway, we started on Strada Lenin, where we found a parking lot next to a small store. Across a little bridge, we came to a large grassy plain at the lake where humans of all ages had congregated in groups to listen to music and barbeque up something that almost made me preemptively give up my run and beg them to let me join. I remained steadfast and so did my partners in sport-related crime. Gagauzia

Suffice it to say, we began. The path led us around the bottom curve of the lake right at the edge of the water. As you can see the evening was progressing quite quickly, but we soldiered on. The path forked; well it tridented but I’m not sure that’s technically a word. We took the middle ground (diplomatically): the right path would have led us up a hill to a village, the left path snaked around the water’s edge with cars parked on the grass. We follow the middle road up a grassy hill that becomes a small forest on the left and fields on the right. As twilight approached we decided to turn back and stumble our way across the rough, dirt-packed ground to our starting point. Next time, we will make it around the lake! Gagauz nature

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