Run, Comrat, Run! – First Run 25.04.2018


Three aliens in Comrat, two Austrians and a Belarusian, decided to brave the impossible and try their luck at running / biking through the Gagauzian landscape. As heroic as I may have just made our quest sound, let me emphasize that this was an hour-long endeavor, fraught with gorgeous landscapes, a brilliant sunset, and lush fields of green. Katerina

We met in the evening at the Church of St. Elijah the Prophet, at the intersection of R37 and Strada Sevcenco, a beautiful haven with a small orchard (possibly apples, we are botanically challenged) and Gazebo bathed in the yellow hue of the setting sun. I apologize in advance; this post will be full of corny sunset pictures. Christian

Across the parking lot and past the church is a dirt road which we decided to follow west, in the direction of Congazcicul de Sus. The path leads through vineyards and fields of trees, through rolling hills that make the run and bike both pleasant and quite unpleasant at times. The gradient is never very steep though so that we had enough breath to enjoy the sun, landscape, and fresh air. Map

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