Ms. Alessandra Gessl: the opportunities in healthcare in Moldova

Alessandra Gessl

A week of lectures comes to an end with the final presentation held by Ms. Alessandra Gessl, M.A. on the opportunities in healthcare in Moldova at the Department of Social Protection, Faculty of National Culture.

Some challenges in global health today, rising prevalence of non-communicable diseases and demographic change, were brought into the Moldovan context. Many governments are looking toward technology to help solve growing disparities in health and Ms.Gessl makes the case why Moldova should jump on the wagon.

Technological innovation in health ranges from small applications, to wearables, across robotics, all the way to big data to name a few.

Students were encouraged to look towards social enterprises, development aid organization, to innovative and collaborate across disciplines, with local government, and their teaching staff in order to get grassroots projects off the ground and capitalize on the market opportunities available in health in Moldova and Gagauzia.

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