Meeting with Governor of Gagauzia, Irina Vlah, April 23, 2018

The Gagauz Autonomous Region is interested in applying the best international investment attraction practices. This was discussed during the meeting of Governor (Bashkan) Irina Vlah and State Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Finance, Hubert Fuchs. baskan The delegation, headed by the State Secretary of the Ministry of Finance, accompanied by the Austrian Ambassador to MD, Ms Christine Freilinger, paid a visit to the Autonomous Region on Monday 23 April. In the region, the delegation visited several industrial companies.

The meeting with the Governor of Gagauzia dealt with prospects of economic development. Irina Vlah informed the Austrian guest about the main directions of the work of the Executive Committee to improve the social and economic situation in the region. The governor pointed out that the region had created all the conditions to attract international capital, open up production and secure new jobs.

In 2012, the Austrian side assisted in the formation of an Investment Attraction Agency (MIEPO) at the national level of the Republic of MD. In Gagauzia, a working group - InvestGagauzia - was founded, which performs similar tasks. Irina Vlah expressed the interest of the Gagauz authorities in working with Austria to improve the work of this institution.

During the meeting, the sides also discussed questions of contacting the Austrian Agency for Development and Cooperation. This organization implements infrastructure projects and provides technical support overseas.

This week, the Austrian Embassy in MD is organizing a meeting with Moldovan businessmen. The Forum also invited entrepreneurs from Gagauzia.

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