How to use IT in agriculture: Belarusian experience

Katerina Safonova shared with the students of the State University of Comrat the experience of Belarus in the field of IT. She talked about the High-Tech Park in Minsk, about the opportunities that are provided to companies and entrepreneurs upon joining it. Ms. Safonova also touched on the topic of the startup business incubator of High-Tech Park.

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Ms. Safonova and the students discussed how companies provide projects and receive investments. An example of such a project is the development of a service that monitors the conditions for agriculture; the project used artificial intelligence technologies that can forecast and plan agriculutral operations such as planting and harvesting of crops. This innovative technological solution allows farmers to save resources significantly.

Ms. Safonova hopes that this information, these impulses, and best practice examples from Belarus will motivate students to begin to work on their own innovative solutions in the fields of agriculture, IT, and technology.

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