Potential of Organic Agriculture – A consultant’s perspective on Gagauzia

Henk de Lange

Henk de Lange, a Dutch consultant for agriculture and renewable energy based in Chisinau, gave a brilliant talk on biological, sustainable, and GMO-free farming in the Netherlands and Moldova. Held at the State University of Comrat, first-year students from the Faculty of Agriculture were invited to attend.

Gagauzia, a country rich in fertile farmland, a climate conducive to growth, and lots of sun is the perfect place to invest in agriculture. Students were interested in the ways in which Dutch companies manage to make a profit considering the prices for one m2 in the Netherlands.

Know-how, expertise, investors, and long-term contracts are vital to the successful implementation of biological and sustainable agricultural projects regardless of the region, argues Mr. de Lange.

Knowledge and expertise can be acquired, however, students must take the initiative and approach specialists, gain practical experience in enterprises through internships, and research funding or collaboration possibilities in order to have any chance of success.

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