An Austrian Delegation comes to Gagauzia

On Monday April 23rd 2018 we welcomed an Austrian delegation to Gagauzia. Interested in the development and potential of the region, the delegation was introduced to local businesses and had meetings with government officials as well as entrepreneurs from the region.

austrian deligation at Moldova The day began at Sana Comrat, a company with over 100 employees that produces dairy products sold across Moldova. Some of the challenges of running a successful business in Comrat and Gagauzia were addressed, however the regional potential for development was highlighted.


The delegates then attended a meeting with representatives of the regional government where they discussed mutual interests and possible areas for collaboration. Members of the Austrian delegation emphasized the potential they see in agricultural, rural, and environmental tourism in Gagauzia. The landscape, hills, and lakes have potential to attract sports enthusiasts or tourists seeking nature. The delegation also mentioned the food and wine as well as authentic accommodation as regional attractions.

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At the ethnic and touristic complex “Gagauz Sofrasi” in Congaz village, the visitors had the opportunity to experience the local cuisine and culture for themselves.

After returning to Comrat, the delegation attended an economic form with local entrepreneurs and interest groups from a range of sectors including but not limited to tourism, agriculture, education, and retail. An Austrian representative reemphasized the potential he sees in rural tourism and agriculture in Gagauzia.

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