The 85th anniversary of the late leader of the Gagausian people

On Sunday 27 of May the President of CEBC Christian Gessl has the honour to be invited to celebrate the 85th anniversary of the late leader of the Gagausian people, national hero, poet, painter, film maker and artists Kara Coban who has led the struggle for keeping Gagauzian folk cuture, language and traditions strong during the Soviet Union and who passed away too early in 1986. DB7025F8 His work and memory is celebrated in Gaguzia and Komrat with a wonderful museum close to Komrat, the capital of Gagauzia, now a region in Moldova. 890ABD99 The Museum is a center celebrating the the painting and rich works of Kara Coban and is telling the history of the Gagauzian people in the last century. ED9B16C4 The Gagauzians are a Turkic people, Christian in religion. speaking Gagauzian, a language close to Turkish, Russian, many speak Moldovian and some English and have their own regional government The website is and it is one of the last unknown border lands of Europe in the south of Moldova close to Romanias Danube Delta and Souther Ukraine metropolis Odessa and is a new tourist destination in the making focused on wine making and Gagauzian history. It can be best reached via Chinsinau Airport or via Galati in Romania. Infrastructure could be better but it is worth a visit one of the lost borderland of Europe now firmly working on a European future.

Run, Comrat, Run! – Second Run 26.04.2018

After a long day inside, staring out the window yearning for the sun three aliens in Gagauzia agree to brave the elements once more, this time in an attempt to circle Lacul Comrat like the fearless pioneers we are. Too bad we decided to embark on our expedition at 20:30, which ultimately led to the expedition’s untimely abortion as we stumbled and rattled our way through the darkness back to our starting point. This really is a scenic route, just make sure not to try it at night! Lesson imprinted – I finally understand the concept of life-long learning! Map gagauzia

Anyway, we started on Strada Lenin, where we found a parking lot next to a small store. Across a little bridge, we came to a large grassy plain at the lake where humans of all ages had congregated in groups to listen to music and barbeque up something that almost made me preemptively give up my run and beg them to let me join. I remained steadfast and so did my partners in sport-related crime. Gagauzia

Suffice it to say, we began. The path led us around the bottom curve of the lake right at the edge of the water. As you can see the evening was progressing quite quickly, but we soldiered on. The path forked; well it tridented but I’m not sure that’s technically a word. We took the middle ground (diplomatically): the right path would have led us up a hill to a village, the left path snaked around the water’s edge with cars parked on the grass. We follow the middle road up a grassy hill that becomes a small forest on the left and fields on the right. As twilight approached we decided to turn back and stumble our way across the rough, dirt-packed ground to our starting point. Next time, we will make it around the lake! Gagauz nature

An Austrian Delegation comes to Gagauzia

On Monday April 23rd 2018 we welcomed an Austrian delegation to Gagauzia. Interested in the development and potential of the region, the delegation was introduced to local businesses and had meetings with government officials as well as entrepreneurs from the region. austrian deligation at Moldova The day began at Sana Comrat, a company with over 100 employees that produces dairy products sold across Moldova. Some of the challenges of running a successful business in Comrat and Gagauzia were addressed, however the regional potential for development was highlighted.


The delegates then attended a meeting with representatives of the regional government where they discussed mutual interests and possible areas for collaboration. Members of the Austrian delegation emphasized the potential they see in agricultural, rural, and environmental tourism in Gagauzia. The landscape, hills, and lakes have potential to attract sports enthusiasts or tourists seeking nature. The delegation also mentioned the food and wine as well as authentic accommodation as regional attractions.

IMG 7448

At the ethnic and touristic complex “Gagauz Sofrasi” in Congaz village, the visitors had the opportunity to experience the local cuisine and culture for themselves.

After returning to Comrat, the delegation attended an economic form with local entrepreneurs and interest groups from a range of sectors including but not limited to tourism, agriculture, education, and retail. An Austrian representative reemphasized the potential he sees in rural tourism and agriculture in Gagauzia.

Run, Comrat, Run! – First Run 25.04.2018


Three aliens in Comrat, two Austrians and a Belarusian, decided to brave the impossible and try their luck at running / biking through the Gagauzian landscape. As heroic as I may have just made our quest sound, let me emphasize that this was an hour-long endeavor, fraught with gorgeous landscapes, a brilliant sunset, and lush fields of green. Katerina

We met in the evening at the Church of St. Elijah the Prophet, at the intersection of R37 and Strada Sevcenco, a beautiful haven with a small orchard (possibly apples, we are botanically challenged) and Gazebo bathed in the yellow hue of the setting sun. I apologize in advance; this post will be full of corny sunset pictures. Christian

Across the parking lot and past the church is a dirt road which we decided to follow west, in the direction of Congazcicul de Sus. The path leads through vineyards and fields of trees, through rolling hills that make the run and bike both pleasant and quite unpleasant at times. The gradient is never very steep though so that we had enough breath to enjoy the sun, landscape, and fresh air. Map

Ms. Alessandra Gessl: the opportunities in healthcare in Moldova

Alessandra Gessl

A week of lectures comes to an end with the final presentation held by Ms. Alessandra Gessl, M.A. on the opportunities in healthcare in Moldova at the Department of Social Protection, Faculty of National Culture.

Some challenges in global health today, rising prevalence of non-communicable diseases and demographic change, were brought into the Moldovan context. Many governments are looking toward technology to help solve growing disparities in health and Ms.Gessl makes the case why Moldova should jump on the wagon.

Technological innovation in health ranges from small applications, to wearables, across robotics, all the way to big data to name a few.

Students were encouraged to look towards social enterprises, development aid organization, to innovative and collaborate across disciplines, with local government, and their teaching staff in order to get grassroots projects off the ground and capitalize on the market opportunities available in health in Moldova and Gagauzia.

How to use IT in agriculture: Belarusian experience

Katerina Safonova shared with the students of the State University of Comrat the experience of Belarus in the field of IT. She talked about the High-Tech Park in Minsk, about the opportunities that are provided to companies and entrepreneurs upon joining it. Ms. Safonova also touched on the topic of the startup business incubator of High-Tech Park.

IMG 3317

Ms. Safonova and the students discussed how companies provide projects and receive investments. An example of such a project is the development of a service that monitors the conditions for agriculture; the project used artificial intelligence technologies that can forecast and plan agriculutral operations such as planting and harvesting of crops. This innovative technological solution allows farmers to save resources significantly.

Ms. Safonova hopes that this information, these impulses, and best practice examples from Belarus will motivate students to begin to work on their own innovative solutions in the fields of agriculture, IT, and technology.

Potential of Organic Agriculture – A consultant’s perspective on Gagauzia

Henk de Lange

Henk de Lange, a Dutch consultant for agriculture and renewable energy based in Chisinau, gave a brilliant talk on biological, sustainable, and GMO-free farming in the Netherlands and Moldova. Held at the State University of Comrat, first-year students from the Faculty of Agriculture were invited to attend.

Gagauzia, a country rich in fertile farmland, a climate conducive to growth, and lots of sun is the perfect place to invest in agriculture. Students were interested in the ways in which Dutch companies manage to make a profit considering the prices for one m2 in the Netherlands.

Know-how, expertise, investors, and long-term contracts are vital to the successful implementation of biological and sustainable agricultural projects regardless of the region, argues Mr. de Lange.

Knowledge and expertise can be acquired, however, students must take the initiative and approach specialists, gain practical experience in enterprises through internships, and research funding or collaboration possibilities in order to have any chance of success.

Meeting with Governor of Gagauzia, Irina Vlah, April 23, 2018

The Gagauz Autonomous Region is interested in applying the best international investment attraction practices. This was discussed during the meeting of Governor (Bashkan) Irina Vlah and State Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Finance, Hubert Fuchs. baskan The delegation, headed by the State Secretary of the Ministry of Finance, accompanied by the Austrian Ambassador to MD, Ms Christine Freilinger, paid a visit to the Autonomous Region on Monday 23 April. In the region, the delegation visited several industrial companies.

The meeting with the Governor of Gagauzia dealt with prospects of economic development. Irina Vlah informed the Austrian guest about the main directions of the work of the Executive Committee to improve the social and economic situation in the region. The governor pointed out that the region had created all the conditions to attract international capital, open up production and secure new jobs.

In 2012, the Austrian side assisted in the formation of an Investment Attraction Agency (MIEPO) at the national level of the Republic of MD. In Gagauzia, a working group - InvestGagauzia - was founded, which performs similar tasks. Irina Vlah expressed the interest of the Gagauz authorities in working with Austria to improve the work of this institution.

During the meeting, the sides also discussed questions of contacting the Austrian Agency for Development and Cooperation. This organization implements infrastructure projects and provides technical support overseas.

This week, the Austrian Embassy in MD is organizing a meeting with Moldovan businessmen. The Forum also invited entrepreneurs from Gagauzia.